Firewire (IEEE-1394) pinout

Firewire connector

4-pin connector 6-pin connector Signal Color Description
+30V unregulated DC
1 3 TPB-
Twisted pair B
2 4 TPB+
Twisted pair B
3 5 TPA-
Twisted pair A
4 6 TPA+
Twisted pair A

About FireWire

Under official name IEEE-1394 disappears the consecutive interface everywhere used for digital videocameras, external hard disks and various network devices. It also name FireWire (from Apple) and i.Link (from Sony). At present 400 Mbit/s standard IEEE-1394 is replaced 800 Mbit/s IEEE-1394b (also known as FireWire-800). Usually devices FireWire are connected through a 6-contact plug which provides a power supply. At a 4-contact plug a power is not brought.

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