DB15 VGA pinout

Pin Signal
1 Red Video
2 Green Video
3 Blue Video
4 Monitor ID - Bit 2
5 Ground
6 Red Ground
7 Green Ground
8 Blue Ground
9 [KEY]
10 Sync Ground
11 Monitor ID - Bit 1
12 Monitor ID - Bit 0
13 Horizontal Sync
14 Vertical Sync
15 N/C (Reserved)

About DB15 VGA

The personal computer for a long time uses 15-contact interface Mini-D-Sub for connection of the monitor. By means of an adapter it is possible to connect such monitor to DVI connector of a graphic card. Interface VGA transfers signals of red, green and dark blue colors, and also the information about horizontal (H-Sync) and vertical (V-Sync) synchronization.

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